Reef Water Quality Report Card 2020 released

The Reef Water Quality Report Card 2020 was just released by the DAF Queensland Reef Water Quality Program and details progress towards the Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan targets up to June 2020. The report card outlines results from the Paddock to Reef Integrated Monitoring, Modelling and Reporting Program. Overall, the results show continued progress towards the water quality targets. The report card can be access online at

Successful 2022 APEN Conference

The 2022 APEN Conference was successfully held online over the 9-11 February 2022 – with the theme of ‘Facilitating Change and the Opportunity from Disruption’. Over three exciting days, conference attendees had the choice of attending one of 3 masterclasses, a welcome function including an online trivia event, networking breakout sessions, 6 keynote speakers, APEN awards ceremony hosted by Libby Price followed by dinner speaker Tangaroa Walker, 86 presentation and poster sessions and finally finishing with a fun and interactive closing session. The Masterclasses were attended by 68 people in total and the conference attracted a total of 282 delegates supported by 26 incredible sponsors that enabled this conference to be the success that it was. More information on the conference can be found on the website:

Jeff’s Blog April 2022

I could start with an apology for the length of time between blog updates – not a good practice with websites I am told – however, we have all been distracted by the pandemic and world events and time just flows on!  And hopefully there is a lot of patience and understanding out in the community.

In our small sphere of the world, there has been a lot going on which has kept us interested, motivated and fully occupied.  To list just a couple: there has been the rolling out of the Federal Government Future Drought Fund in which we have been caught up through various projects; there has been the very successful APEN (Australasian Pacific Extension Network) Conference – which was held virtually for the first time (innovation by Covid); and Amy has been progressing her PhD studies on the use of social media by rural/agricultural women around climate related challenges.

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Looking for the good

I’ve been a little overwhelmed over the year, as I’m sure many have, with the sheer amount of news (mostly negative) that is avalanching over us all the time. I think we are constantly in fight or flight mode and it’s exhausting!

In the latest edition of the very good Galah magazine, editor Annabelle Hickson talks about her husband listening to positive podcasts while planting on his tractor, and the feeling of being buoyed by hope. She’s planting flowers that aren’t drought tolerant, but doesn’t care, because it’s enough to enjoy them now. Even though times change, and we don’t all experience good things at the same time, it’s not bad to look for things in the world to be hopeful about.

This inspired me (thanks Annabelle) and at the end of the year I’m tired of the dire news and have been actively looking for more positive stories and things to be hopeful about – and there is some good inspiration out there.

I’ve made a short list of what I’ve found today and I hope they provide some bright spots for you.

Can I finish with this quote which was shared by @extraordinary_routines on Instagram. It is most excellent.

Who doesn’t love a good cartoon?

Cartoon from:

Every week I receive an email newsletter from Chris Lysy who authors a blog called freshspectrum. He’s focused on evaluation and demystifying the data analysis and presentation process. A key way he communicates ideas is through cartoons and sometimes the insights he shares are very close to the mark of what I’ve experienced and I have to laugh!

Chris also shares some good basic ‘how to’ resources on the blog such as:

So I thought I would share a couple of my favourites as we all need more reasons to have a chuckle these days. And check out the blog if you have a few spare minutes.