The Coutts J&R Team

Dr Jeff Coutts


As the Director of Coutts J & R Pty Ltd, Jeff Coutts has a strong background in managing and evaluating change in rural industries and communities. He has reviewed and evaluated many rural, agricultural and regional projects and programs, runs evaluation training at post-graduate level as well as short courses and is increasingly being sought as an evaluation mentor for project and program teams. He works with national research and development and funding organisations to develop monitoring and evaluation systems to provide effective reporting to government and stakeholders. Jeff has Masters in Agricultural Knowledge Systems (with Distinction) and a PhD in Agriculture and Environmental Science from the then Wageningen Agricultural University (now University of Wageningen), the Netherlands.

Robyn Coutts


Robyn is the other Director of Coutts J&R.  She is a trained teacher and has experience in gender analysis and English as a second language.  Robyn was the gender advisor for the ACIAR Papua New Guinea Scientific Communication Project and has in that capacity undertaken a number of studies and reports relating to the involvement of women in education in PNG.

Amy Samson

Principal Consultant

Amy Samson has a Masters in Professional Communication (Public Relations) and undertakes client liaison, project management (operates a web based project-specific management system) and M&E consultancy for Coutts J&R – particularly in relation to communication, managing and analysing surveys.  Where relevant Amy also provides public relations and social media expertise to projects. Amy recently worked in London, UK as a Senior Consultant and Account Director in a media intelligence company. Her role focused on evaluating public relations strategies including social media. She has also undertaken training in the ‘Most Significant Change’ evaluation approach.

Ben Coutts

Principal Data Analyst

With a Bachelor in Multimedia studies and extensive experience in web design and data management, quantitative and qualitative analysis,  Ben provides analytical and technical support for Coutts J&R and its projects.  This includes managing web surveys and data sets.

Liesel Rennie

Survey Coordinator

Liesel Rennie from Business Clique provides excellent support for Coutts J&R managing interview teams and providing analytical and research support. She has a Bachelor of Marketing, Public Relations and Journalism.

Our History

Coutts J&R was established by Jeff & Robyn Coutts in 2001.  Prior to that Jeff was Director of the then Rural Extension Centre at the University of Queensland, Gatton Campus.  The centre was a joint venture between the then Queensland Department of Primary Industry and the University to focus on the social and human side of fostering change and innovation in rural development through training (through an adult learning based Master’s course) and research.

As interest increased in capacity building, the funders and organisations involved with delivering such programs sought assistance with the monitoring and evaluating of these programs – it wasn’t just a matter of counting “widgets”!  This is how Jeff’s interest commenced in evaluation of rural intervention programs – building on the post-graduate study he had undertaken at the then Wageniningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands.

Over the 13+ years since this specialist evaluation company has been established, the interest in effective evaluation has increased, and the demands for more and more specific impact assessment has grown. There is also a growing interest amongst funding and delivery organisations to establish effective monitoring and evaluation frameworks to be able to best report on their return of investment. It is an exciting and innovative discipline that demands the best.  Coutts J&R uses a strong professional network of talented specialists to pull together the teams needed for evaluations of the range of projects and programs that require it – large and small, across sectors such as natural resource management, agriculture, health, education & capacity building.


Patrick Ferron
(Canadian CPA, CA)

Patrick is a business and finance professional who has worked with Coutts J&R on Benefit Cost studies for a number of projects over the years (e.g. RR&D for Profit Project: MIRprofit: Integrating very large genomic and milk mid infrared data to improve profitability of dairy cows – Dairy Australia). He provides an opportunity for current and future clients to benefit from his more than 16 years of international experience across Publicly Traded Companies, NGO’s and others. Pat has also recently launched his Queensland based consultancy – Acadian Analysis Services.

Gordon Stone

Gordon Stone is a co-director of our partner company QualDATA as well as other companies that he owns and manages.  Gordon is also experienced in monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning and is a national leader in the role of agribusiness in innovation in the rural sector.