Dr Jeff Coutts


Jeff Coutts

As the Director of Coutts J&R Pty Ltd, Jeff Coutts has a strong background in managing and evaluating change in rural industries and communities. He has reviewed and evaluated many rural, agricultural and regional projects and programs, runs evaluation training at post-graduate level as well as short courses and is increasingly being sought as an evaluation mentor for project and program teams. He works with national research and development and funding organisations to develop monitoring and evaluation systems to provide effective reporting to government and stakeholders. Jeff has Masters in Agricultural Knowledge Systems (with Distinction) and a PhD in Agriculture and Environmental Science from the then Wageningen Agricultural University (now University of Wageningen), the Netherlands.

Amy Samson

Principal Consultant

Amy Samson has a Master of Professional Communication and is a PhD candidate at UQ investigating social media use by Australian women on the farm. In addition to managing Coutts J&R projects, her expertise is in the evaluation of communication and social media strategies. Her interest in this area started growing when she worked in London for a media intelligence company evaluating the effectiveness of public relations campaigns within government and not for profit organisations. Her clients won industry awards (the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC)) for their evaluation of communication/social media programs and campaigns. Amy is a strong advocate for improving evaluation planning and reporting to help communicators prove the effectiveness of their work. 

Ben Coutts

Principal Data Analyst & Data Manager

Ben Coutts has a bachelor of Multimedia and manages Coutts J&R’s databases and IT infrastructure. He developed the YourDATA M&E Database platform which allows the rapid deployment of customised databases, allowing organisations’ to efficiently capture and report on project activities. Ben is also Coutts J&R’s primary data analyst, specialising in turning complex quantitative and qualitative survey data into highly readable and impactful reports.