Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Support

M&E planning

We work with project management and teams to develop log frames and evaluation plans to ensure that the needed evaluation information will be captured, analysed and used for decision-making and reporting.

Managing and undertaking M&E

We are also able to take on the responsibility for coordinating or undertaking some or all of the monitoring and evaluation activities for projects and programs, including collation, analysis and reporting of M&E data.

Ongoing long-term project M&E management support

Coutts J&R can provide on-going mentoring and advice over the life of a project or program on M&E activities, assisting with the development data collection tools and survey planning to assist project managers in their on-going M&E needs.

M&E data management and reporting systems

Coutts J&R has a unique web–based M&E data management and reporting tool called YourDATA, which can be tailored to suite specific project or program needs (including using custom branding and logos). Ongoing expert advice and support is also provided to ensure the system is used to maximum effect over the life of the project or program.

M&E training workshops

We provide training in evaluation – evaluation principles, planning and implementation – as well as training in specific evaluation tools (e.g. focus groups, survey design) – for individuals, teams and organisations on request. Training can be provided to teams as part of the development of M&E tools and systems to be used within a project or program.

M&E Auditing

Coutts J&R can undertake audits of current M&E and Reporting processes against best practice in this practice and determine what can be done to strengthen the process and supporting systems to maximise value from the M&E undertaken.

Program and Project Evaluations

One-off full project evaluations

Coutts J&R have extensive experience in undertaking project or program evaluations.  These include impact evaluations as well as mid-term or process evaluations using the full suite of evaluation tools appropriate to the needs of the evaluation and the client. These can be adapted to suite the budget.

Specific evaluation activities

We also design and/or undertake specific evaluation tasks as needed within an overall M&E framework including: surveys (phone, e-mail, mail, web, face-to-face); focus groups; interviews; desktop analysis; cost-benefit analysis; participant observation, workshops and others.

Independent Program Reviews

Dr Jeff Coutts has extensive experience in RD&E and educational approaches across industries and issues and undertakes a number of independent reviews of national programs (e.g. National Centre for Dairy Education Australia; ReefPlan Education and Extension; Consorcio Lechero, Chile).

Organisational Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks and Guides

A key emerging area has been in the design of strategic and practical monitoring, evaluation and reporting frameworks and guides for funding and RDE organisations. The purpose is to better guide the M&E and reporting requirements from funded projects and programs to assist organisations to collate M&E data and report against strategic industry and organisational objectives. The key is consistency in the data for this purpose. Coutts J&R have been in the forefront of working with organisations at a state and national level to achieve this.

Designing Extension, Education and Communication Processes

Dr Jeff Coutts has a long history in extension and communication policy and processes. Amy Samson has a masters in Professional Communication. We work with funders, providers and project teams to design the most effective processes to engage with industries and communities to achieve the aims of the project or program.

Benefit Cost and Social Impact Analysis

Coutts J&R can provide Benefit Cost and Social Impact analysis as part of larger impact evaluations or as a one-off project. We recognise that there is an ever increasing need for organisations / programs / projects to be able to prove impact, validate funding and have the information to make the most effective decisions. While tailored to individual client needs / complexities / budgets, our approach is to work with identified impact pathways to explore these in depth across the project / program / organisation. Our M&E grounding means we are able to provide extra focus and benefit for our clients.