What is it?

YourDATA is a web-based application that provides a central data collection point for projects. It allows team members to input raw data, view real-time graphical reports, and export collated data to spreadsheets, at anytime and from anywhere.

YourDATA - Example of types of data collection forms

Is it Right for my Project?

YourDATA’s strength is in providing a customisable data collection system that can tailored for a project’s specific requirements. It provides a central and easy to use interface that allows projects to collect and collate consistent reporting data. An excellent support team also means there is a quick turnaround for any requests including modifying existing forms or adding new participant feedback surveys.

What Does it Cost?

As every project is different in its focus and scope, an accurate quote can only be provided after the specific needs of a project is discussed. Quotes are based on a yearly fee which includes the initial planning, design and setup costs as well as provision for ongoing maintenance, support and advice. The value of YourDATA is much more than just collecting data, it also provides your project with access to highly knowledgeable experts that can provide guidance and assistance for your specific Monitoring & Evaluation needs.

How Does it Work?

1. Development of custom input forms

Custom data input forms are developed based on a specific project’s requirements. Some examples of the types of forms that could be developed include:

  • Project activities form – consistent method of collecting data on what activities have been run or attended by project team members.
  • Narrative/case study form – provides an easy way for project team members to submit any relevant narratives or case studies in a consistent format.
  • Participant feedback sheets – a simple and effective way of collecting and collating participant feedback from activities such as workshops or field days. Data can either be entered by project team members from paper surveys, or a link to the online survey can be provided to participants
YourDATA - Example of an activity input form

2. Editing previously entered data

Entered data can be easily edited or deleted by selecting the relevant record shown in a table of all previously entered data. This means that incorrectly entered data can easily be fixed or removed at anytime.

3. Automatically generated reports

Online reports are automatically generated based on collected data, providing a simple method to visually analyse overall data in real-time. Data is presented through a combination of pie or bar graphs (where appropriate) and tables, showing key statistical metrics such as totals, averages, maximums and minimums. These reports can be printed, exported to PDF or Word, or shared online to others.
YourDATA - Example of a summary report graph

4. Exporting data

Collated data can also be exported for use in spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel) software for more complex analysis and reporting needs.