News – April 2012

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Extension is still a hot topic in Australia and overseas.   In May, Jeff joins Jeanette and Bill Long in Canberra to present a second year of extension training to seasoned farm consultants in an innovative project by GRDC.  The aim is to provide them with a greater understanding of GRDC’s projects and objectives and tools – and increased skills in extension planning and practice to complement their considerable technical skills.  Great to see the recognition of the role that this sector plays in bringing about change on-farm!

Likewise, Jeff is also heading off to Chile again to undertake another round of extension training for agronomists and vets in the Dairy Industry.  The first round of training was big picture stuff – adult learning, extension planning and evaluation.  This round focuses more on the practical side of working closely with farmers and putting theory into practice.  Although Jeff has brushed up on his Spanish – he will still be needing an interpreter for a while yet!