Program and Project Evaluations (42 projects)

Evaluation of the National Heritage Trust Regional Capacity Building Training Project

Looking at the effectiveness of leadership training – funded by the NHT.

This project was undertaken in 2002. It used facilitated workshops to evaluate the effectiveness of pilot capacity building training program with community facilitators funded by the National Heritage Trust. It looked at the type of delivery and the content as well as issues surrounding VET accreditation of the course.

Synergy Analysis of the Rural Water Use Efficiency Initiative (RWUEI) Adoption Program

Looking at the specific niche which the program was filling in relation to other initiatives and programs – funded by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Qld.

The RWUEI is a major government funded program across all irrigated industries within Queensland – sugar, cotton, irrigated grains, dairy, lucerne, fruit and vegetables. The project had a strong on-farm component where irrigators were assisted in benchmarking their current water efficiency and to make changes to improve it. A Research and Development program and a Financial Incentive Scheme was also part of the program.

The Synergy Analysis sought to tease out the way in which the program added value or complemented other support, legislation or incentives to improve water use efficiency on-farm.

The Synergy Analysis was completed in 2002. A report is available from the RWUEI office.