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Capacity Building Mid-term Review for the Primary Growth Partnership Dairy program in New Zealand

Jeff Coutts was subcontracted by Deloitte to provide independent capacity building expertise as part of a mid-term review they are undertaking of the Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) Dairy Value Chain Transformation Program. The program is an ambitious 7 year project which aims to boost gains in the dairy industry through targeted research, improved capacity building and improved supporting structures in the industry.

Maximising spent litter fertiliser returns through nutrient and carbon management

This project is part of a research project being undertaken by DAF in Queensland on behalf of the Poultry CRC. The purpose is to develop technologies which can improve the fertiliser value of spent poultry litters when used in agriculture through the addition of sorbers (clays) and other additives. Coutts J&R was subcontracted to engage with the poultry industry, manure handlers and fertiliser suppliers to explore the barriers to adoption of this technology.

Review of Pineapple Development Project

Horticulture Innovation Australia (formerly Horticulture Australia Limited) receives levies from pineapple growers and then invests it in development projects. This project is based around an Industry Development Officer who is essentially and Information broker and event facilitator for the 80 growers in the industry. The review explored the value and impact of this approach to facilitating industry development.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Evaluation Tourism and Stewardship Workshop

This workshop was about developing a comprehensive log frame of a newly combined work unit and developing the associated performance measures and monitoring and evaluation framework for data collection and reporting. Jeff Coutts facilitated the workshop.

Management Practice Survey of Grain Growers in Central Queensland

This survey for the Fitzroy Basin Authority is directed towards those growers participating in the Grains BMP program and those who aren’t. It seeks to determine what practice changes have been made in recent years which particularly benefit water quality and how Grains BMP and other initiatives have assisted this change – as well as barriers that might be preventing change.

Mid Term Review of The Sheep’s Back

The Sheep’s Back is an AWI Network Project managed by Icon Agriculture. This review focuses on the  processes of the Evaluation Plan, progress to date and gaps identified of The Sheep’s Back (TSB)  on the current third phase which began July 2014.  It also looks at the data collected to date to see the progress and indicative impact of The Sheep’s Back Network’s activities on participants.

Review of National Centre for Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA) for Dairy Australia

The purpose of this review was to benchmark the NCDEA against program objectives, to determine its contribution to industry education and training and identify where there was scope to refine the approach to maximise the benefits to the dairy industry.  The National Centre for Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA) is the Australian dairy industry’s provider of education and training.  The Centre includes a partnership alliance of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) across Australia, supported by Dairy Australia and delivering training and skills recognition for pre-farm gate dairy workers and the manufacturing sector.  Education and training delivered by the NCDEA aims to respond to industry and student learning needs to bring dairy education and training under one umbrella.

Mid Term Review of the Industry Development Network for the Nursery Industry

This mid-term review is being undertaken for the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) and Horticulture Australia Ltd to assess how well the current arrangements, structures and activities are meeting the needs of the Nursery Industry in the different states.  Industry Development Offices are appointed by state bodies to assist the process of nursery accreditation and extension of research and development outcomes relevant to the nurseries.

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Dairy Australia

The purpose of this framework is to provide a clear and consistent basis for funded projects to be able to report on their activities and their impact – in a way that can be collated up for reporting against industry Strategic Priorities. By providing such guidelines for measurement and reporting, project teams can ensure that they capture the data they need and present it in a manner that meets the funding body’s needs. This will allow for a more quantitative and focused reporting on its achievements and impacts by Dairy Australia to its Board and stakeholders.

Evaluation of Managed Environmental Facility (DAFWA)

The Merredin Managed Environmental Facility (MEF) is part of a number of MEFs funded by GRDC in partnership with other organisations.  The Merredin Facility is located on a research station owned and operated by the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia.  The facility seeks to explore genetic traits that can assist in breeding more drought resistant grain varieties.  This evaluation comes at the end of the first establishment phase of the facility and focuses on the operational side of the facility to learn from the experience and prepare for the next phase.