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On-going Monitoring and Evaluation of Co-Innovation Project – New Zealand

Coutts J&R were commissioned by AgResearch in New Zealand to assist with the monitoring and evaluation of the process and impact of applying a “co-innovation” approach in the New Zealand Agricultural Innovation System. This is a participative and interactive approach to fostering effective innovation across sectors and stakeholders. The project involved four projects each providing an “innovation network” in different industry sectors which interact with a targeted national “Community of Practice” operating across organisations from industry, research and government in three primary sectors. This required evaluation instruments capturing data at both process and impact levels and feeding emerging findings to project participants to guide on-going action.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility Phase 2

The NCCARF Phase 2 buillt on the research undertaken in Phase 1 to provide tools, information products and capacity building to assist local coastal councils in planning and decision-making to manage climate change influences. The principle purpose of the consultancy was given as developing a monitoring and evaluation reporting framework for the term of the Phase 2 Funding Agreement, monitoring progress against the key performance indicators specified in the monitoring and evaluation program plan and reporting on those results through quarterly reports using the [provided] traffic light report template and annual reports. It also included a mid-term and final evaluation of the program.

On-going Monitoring and Evaluation of FutureBeef

Coutts J&R assisted DAFF Queensland in developing an evaluation framework and provides an on-going M&E platform (YourDATA) and M&E support to capture quarterly reporting across the 40 plus projects under this program area. Future Beef covers Queensland, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley/Pilbara regions of Western Australia and is described as bringing together the efforts of state government agriculture agencies and Meat & Livestock Australia to provide a coordinated approach to extension and information delivery. It is noted on the website that while partnerships with industry, natural resource management organisations and other stakeholders have been critical to providing relevant and targeted services to the beef industry, this program will see new strategically aligned and co-invested extension projects delivered by each program partner under the FutureBeef brand. Projects will reflect the National Beef Production RD&E Strategy and key priorities to achieve profitable and sustainable beef production. This type of program offers many benefits but adds a significant layer of complexity in accurately and comprehensively capturing the activities, engagement, outputs and outcomes of the different projects in a consistent way to enable effective collation and reporting against requirements at different levels and for the different investors/stakeholders. The wide geographical spread, different project objectives and the number of staff adds to the complexity.

Monitoring and Evaluation Support for the PEC unit of Sugar Research Australia

The PEC team focuses on information, development and capacity building support for the sugar industry. It is spread over the sugar regions of Queensland and NSW and working with industry organisations to facilitate on-going improvement in sugar production, harvesting and milling. Coutts J&R is providing M&E support in terms of tools and approaches as well as the YourData platform to manage M&E information from across the regions and different activities and impacts.

Impact Survey of Leading Sheep

A survey was undertaken of 130 sheep producers across Queensland to gain feedback and impact data on the value of the network to them. Leading Sheep is an important partnership between the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Australian Wool Innovation and is supported by AgForce. The program is described on the website as being designed to help Queensland’s sheep and wool producers increase their long-term productivity and profitability by maintaining a high level of engagement with producers in three regions across the state. The survey resulted in very positive feedback and examples of impact and provided the quantitative data needed for reporting back to the funders.

Monitoring and Evaluation Support for the Dairy Discussion Groups

Dairy Australia provides support for a number of dairy discussion groups across the dairy regions of Australia. These groups seek to provide opportunities for dairy farmers to explore opportunities and address common problems. Being spread over all regions and assisted by a number of regional staff, having a centralised web platform to capture monitoring and evaluation data assist in supporting these groups and capturing their impacts and needs.

Monitoring and Evaluation Support for Dairy NRM Project

This project being undertaken by Dairy Australia is called “Profitable dairying in a carbon constrained future”. The project is based around focus farms, Innovation hubs and other activities to work closely with the industry to maximise NRM outcomes. Our centralised M&E internet platform helped assist project staff to capture enter activities for national collation and reporting.

End of Phase Evaluation of The Sheep’s Back

The Sheep’s Back is an AWI Network Project managed by Icon Agriculture. It is nearing to the end of its current phase – and, following the mid-term review that we undertook, Coutts J&R is undertaking an impact survey for the project.

Avocado Industry Stakeholder Engagement Plan

This project looked at the current stakeholder engagement activities within the Avocado Industry and proposed an aspirational industry stakeholder engagement planning framework based on feedback from different target groups. The framework was developed around the five extension models and outlined methods of engagement for different target groups and proposed details as to how they could work at an industry level. It also provided an indication of topics and themes stakeholder are interested in

Cotton Carbon Farming Review

The Carbon Farming in the Australian Cotton Industry project was primarily focused on integrating the latest information on carbon, climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management into the cotton industry’s extension efforts. It approached this primarily through a collaborative strategy of up-skilling project staff who in-turn engaged in developing the capacity of industry advisers. Coutts J&R undertook a review of the project to report on the its achievements and impacts. The review process included a desktop analysis of secondary data, a telephone survey of growers and advisers, and informed person interviews. The review found that the project had been effective in achieving its primary objectives and demonstrated the value of an integrated and collaborative approach and the importance of upskilling professionals servicing the industry.