Independent Program Reviews (12 projects)

Dairy Australia – People In Dairy Review

Jeff Coutts chaired a review panel comprised of John Greer (Dairy NZ), Jane Weatherly (MLA) and assisted by Neil Webster (DA) to review this large program which sought to develop the capacity of dairy farmers and their consultants to find, develop and manage staff within their industry. This involved web and phone surveys, a literature review (undertaken by Roberts Evaluation), interviews and workshops.  The report findings will hopefully further assist this important program into the future.

CPI/PROSPER – Sugar Industry

The purpose of this project was to monitor and evaluate the adoption component of the Cane Productivity Initiative (CPI)/PROSPER in terms of whether it is on track to achieve the productivity targets of the initiative. It also highlighted issues and opportunities to further improve the program.

This project began May 2003 and was run for one year.