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DAF Beef Extension (YourDATA)

This ongoing project uses a custom YourDATA M&E database to collect, collate and report on key monitoring and evaluation data for the DAF Beef Extension team. Over the years the database has been extensively modified and updated to reflect the project’s changing needs and data capture requirements. It continues to be a key tool used by the Beef Extension team to effectively capture and report on the project’s activities and impacts.


CRDC’s More Profit from Nitrogen program uses a custom YourDATA M&E database to capture key monitoring and evaluation data across multiple projects. The type of data being collected included Extension Activities, Media & Communication outputs, Project Material, and Collaborative activities. A number of tweaks and updates have been made to improve the database and streamline data entry and exporting.

QFF Growing the Great Barrier Reef (GGBR) project final reports

Coutts J&R worked with Qld Farmers’ Federation (QFF) on its final reports for the GGBR project. This included an in-depth report for project stakeholders including Reef Alliance partners and the Federal Government as well as a brochure for more widespread use.

National Soils RD&E Strategy Review

The Australian Soil Network (ASN) is responsible for implementing the National Soil Research, Development and Extension Strategy – which includes developing and implementing a process for national coordination and prioritisation of investment in soil RD&E. Coutts J&R undertook a review that  provided an assessment of the success of the implementation of The Strategy and made recommendations for its future. Evaluation activities for the report included interviews with Members of the ASN,  interviews with nominated Stakeholders, and reviewing provided documents.

Hort360 Mid-term Review

The Hort360 Great Barrier Reef (GBR) Best Management Practice (BMP) Program is funded by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES), Reef Water Quality Program, to assist horticulture growers within the Great Barrier Reef lagoon catchment  improve management practices, uptake Hort360GBR BMP and enable growers to be “Reef” certified. Hort360 is developed, maintained and delivered by Growcom. The project commenced in August 2018 and is set for completion 30 June 2022. Coutts J&R were contracted to undertake the mid-term evaluation of the program which was structured around answering ten Key Evaluation Questions. Methods used included a grower survey, secondary data review, and interviews with Steering Committee members and informed persons.

Extension Strategy for Australian Vegetables

Coutts J&R in association with the Rural Consulting Group and Neels Botha Consulting were contracted by Hort Innovation Australia to develop an Extension strategy for the Australian vegetable industry and an associated plan for implementation. This process included providing a clear definition of extension needs of the vegetable industry (drawn from industry consultation); strategic direction for Vegetable industry extension services beyond March 2020; and a plan for improving industry capability for innovation and adoption of R&D.

AgSkilled Mid-term Evaluation

AgSkilled is a $14.7million NSW Government funded and industry led workforce development strategy, aiming to ensure NSW’s Cotton and Grains industries have a skilled workforce, capable of meeting the challenges of the future. Coutts J&R undertook a mid-term evaluation of the program that reported on its impact and outcomes to date. The evaluation approach consisted of a broad web survey of program participants, stakeholder interviews with key partner organisations/training providers, case studies highlighting specific positive outcomes/practice change, and analysis of any evaluation data already captured by the program.

M&E Support for the CottonInfo Team

The CottonInfo Team provides development, technical, extension and Best Management Practice support to the cotton Industry. They are employed through different institutions and work across different regions with different focus areas.  A YourDATA M&E platform was developed and supported the capture, analysis and reporting information needs for the team and assisted in continuous improvement to their work in supporting the needs of the cotton industry.

The Reef Alliance: Growing a Great Barrier Reef Project (Reef Alliance Project)

Qld Farmers’ Federation (QFF) contracted Coutts J&R to undertake an independent evaluation of the Reef Alliance Project (RAP). The project is an initiative of the Reef Alliance to advance farming beyond industry best management practice (BMP) and fast-track the implementation of innovative practices – primarily through an extension-based approach, combined with access to specialised technical training, and in some cases, financial support for infrastructure, farm improvements or machinery where this is indispensable.

WTSIP Partnership Review

Coutts J&R worked with the WTSIP partners to consider the future role and appropriate structures and processes post their management of the Reef Alliance Program (RAP) in the Wet Tropics. This is also included reviewing extension roles and pathways.