Program and Project Evaluations (40 projects)

Evaluation of the Hort Innovation Apple & Pears Communication program

Coutts J&R are undertaking the mid-term review of the Apple and Pears Communication Program to look at effectiveness and changes that may make the program (even) more effective. Amy Samson is taking a lead role in this based on her extensive background in communication programs and their evaluations.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility Phase 2

The NCCARF Phase 2 buillt on the research undertaken in Phase 1 to provide tools, information products and capacity building to assist local coastal councils in planning and decision-making to manage climate change influences. The principle purpose of the consultancy was given as developing a monitoring and evaluation reporting framework for the term of the Phase 2 Funding Agreement, monitoring progress against the key performance indicators specified in the monitoring and evaluation program plan and reporting on those results through quarterly reports using the [provided] traffic light report template and annual reports. It also included a mid-term and final evaluation of the program.

End of Phase Evaluation of The Sheep’s Back

The Sheep’s Back is an AWI Network Project managed by Icon Agriculture. It is nearing to the end of its current phase – and, following the mid-term review that we undertook, Coutts J&R is undertaking an impact survey for the project.

Impact Survey of Leading Sheep

A survey was undertaken of 130 sheep producers across Queensland to gain feedback and impact data on the value of the network to them. Leading Sheep is an important partnership between the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Australian Wool Innovation and is supported by AgForce. The program is described on the website as being designed to help Queensland’s sheep and wool producers increase their long-term productivity and profitability by maintaining a high level of engagement with producers in three regions across the state. The survey resulted in very positive feedback and examples of impact and provided the quantitative data needed for reporting back to the funders.

Review of Pineapple Development Project

Horticulture Innovation Australia (formerly Horticulture Australia Limited) receives levies from pineapple growers and then invests it in development projects. This project is based around an Industry Development Officer who is essentially and Information broker and event facilitator for the 80 growers in the industry. The review explored the value and impact of this approach to facilitating industry development.

Mid Term Review of The Sheep’s Back

The Sheep’s Back is an AWI Network Project managed by Icon Agriculture. This review focuses on the  processes of the Evaluation Plan, progress to date and gaps identified of The Sheep’s Back (TSB)  on the current third phase which began July 2014.  It also looks at the data collected to date to see the progress and indicative impact of The Sheep’s Back Network’s activities on participants.

Sheep Connect Tasmania – a desktop review of impact and evaluation processes – for TIA and AWI

The purpose of this desktop review was to evaluate the processes and impacts of SheepConnect Tasmania (SCT) over 2013 and as a result review its current evaluation plan, discuss any gaps and suggest improvements where needed. A joint venture between Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, (TIA) SheepConnect Tasmania is a communication and extension program aimed at increasing productivity confidence and resilience of Tasmanian wool-growing businesses, and enhancing the industry’s reputation of being profitable and sustainable. The program is part of a seven state based producer extension network supported by AWI. It is AWI’s key investment in extension for the Tasmanian sheep and wool industries.

Evaluation of Managed Environmental Facility (DAFWA)

The Merredin Managed Environmental Facility (MEF) is part of a number of MEFs funded by GRDC in partnership with other organisations.  The Merredin Facility is located on a research station owned and operated by the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia.  The facility seeks to explore genetic traits that can assist in breeding more drought resistant grain varieties.  This evaluation comes at the end of the first establishment phase of the facility and focuses on the operational side of the facility to learn from the experience and prepare for the next phase.

Evaluation of ‘The Sheep’s Back’ – an AWI Producer Network Project – for AWI and Icon

This evaluation was to assist with reporting on the current phase of the project and provide input into the application for the next phase The Sheep’s Back (TSB) is the Australian Wool Innovation’s (AWI) Western Australian extension programme managed by Icon Agriculture and is a stand-alone investment by AWIThe TSB was approaching the end of its third three year extension concluding June 2014 and it intended to apply for a further three year extension.

Review of Reef Rescue incentives program for Terrain NRM

The purpose of this review was to learn from the experiences of the past funding rounds of the Terrain NRM Reef Rescue program to inform future programs. The Reef Rescue Project was a key element of the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country initiative to improve the water quality of the Great Barrier Reef lagoon, by changing land management practices to reduce nutrient, pesticide and sediment run-off. The methodology used in this evaluation included a desktop review, workshops with Terrain Extension Officers and Stakeholders, Individual Telephone interviews with Terrain staff members as well as telephone interviews with landholders (funded and not-funded).