Organisational M&E Frameworks and Guides (5 projects)

Leading Sheep V

DAF has successfully secured external funding from Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) to conduct follow-on extension activities under phase 4 of the Leading Sheep program – project ‘Leading Sheep 2018-21’. Coutts J&R have been contracted to: review and update evaluation templates with input from Leading Sheep team; develop the Leading Sheep evaluation plan 2018-2021 with input from Leading Sheep team; and provide advice on how to best meet contracted project targets.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Evaluation Tourism and Stewardship Workshop

This workshop was about developing a comprehensive log frame of a newly combined work unit and developing the associated performance measures and monitoring and evaluation framework for data collection and reporting. Jeff Coutts facilitated the workshop.

Development and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Sugar Research Australia

Sugar Research Australia is a relatively new entity resulting from a restructure of R&D structures within the sugar industry.  It was established with a firm focus on research and development with a supporting role in extension – rather than a primary focus.  As part of establishing the new organisation and to ensure it fully meets its contribution to sugar RD&E, a robust M&E framework is being developed to guide data collection and reporting needs.

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Dairy Australia

The purpose of this framework is to provide a clear and consistent basis for funded projects to be able to report on their activities and their impact – in a way that can be collated up for reporting against industry Strategic Priorities. By providing such guidelines for measurement and reporting, project teams can ensure that they capture the data they need and present it in a manner that meets the funding body’s needs. This will allow for a more quantitative and focused reporting on its achievements and impacts by Dairy Australia to its Board and stakeholders.

South East Queensland Irrigation Futures

Jeff Coutts was involved in facilitating the management and funding framework for the South East Queensland Irrigation Futures program – a State Government funded program to improve rural water use efficiency in the South East Queensland Region, Australia. The program aims to employ a number of Industry Development Officers to work with the dairy, fodder, cut flower, turf, nursery and horticultural industries to improve the way water is used in growing and post-havest.