Independent Program Reviews (12 projects)

The Reef Alliance: Growing a Great Barrier Reef Project (Reef Alliance Project)

Qld Farmers’ Federation (QFF) contracted Coutts J&R to undertake an independent evaluation of the Reef Alliance Project (RAP). The project is an initiative of the Reef Alliance to advance farming beyond industry best management practice (BMP) and fast-track the implementation of innovative practices – primarily through an extension-based approach, combined with access to specialised technical training, and in some cases, financial support for infrastructure, farm improvements or machinery where this is indispensable.

Cotton Carbon Farming Review

The Carbon Farming in the Australian Cotton Industry project was primarily focused on integrating the latest information on carbon, climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management into the cotton industry’s extension efforts. It approached this primarily through a collaborative strategy of up-skilling project staff who in-turn engaged in developing the capacity of industry advisers. Coutts J&R undertook a review of the project to report on the its achievements and impacts. The review process included a desktop analysis of secondary data, a telephone survey of growers and advisers, and informed person interviews. The review found that the project had been effective in achieving its primary objectives and demonstrated the value of an integrated and collaborative approach and the importance of upskilling professionals servicing the industry.

Review of Programs for Condamine Alliance

Coutts J&R providied an independent review of programs funded by the Queensland Government (QNRM) as part of adaptive management improvement in project planning, delivery and evaluation” QNRM funding goes across 3 programs: Sustainable Agriculture; Pest & Weeds; and Water Quality (specific Area).

Capacity Building Mid-term Review for the Primary Growth Partnership Dairy program in New Zealand

Jeff Coutts was subcontracted by Deloitte to provide independent capacity building expertise as part of a mid-term review they are undertaking of the Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) Dairy Value Chain Transformation Program. The program is an ambitious 7 year project which aims to boost gains in the dairy industry through targeted research, improved capacity building and improved supporting structures in the industry.

Review of the Extension Strategy for ReefPlan – Queensland Government/MPAG

The Reef Plan 2013 Extension and Education Strategy (E&E Strategy) Update was the result of a review of the 2010 Reef Water Quality Protection Plan Extension and Education Strategy. This strategy update was an action under Reef Water Quality Protection Plan (Reef Plan) 2013 to take into account changes in the extension and education landscape, government policy and funding, advances in scientific consensus and industry initiatives. It was initiated by the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) and undertaken under the guidance of the Management Practice Advisory Group (MPAG) in 2014.

Review of Regional Development Programs – Dairy Australia

This review of its regional service delivery needs and the associated roles of the Regional Development Programs (RDPs) in supporting these initiatives was commissioned by Dairy Australia (DA) in the light of changes that had occurred in recent years within the operational and funding environment. The aim of the review was to inform the improvement of a regional service model that met the needs of Dairy Australia, RDPs and dairy farmers across the eight dairy regions of Australia.

Review of National Centre for Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA) for Dairy Australia

The purpose of this review was to benchmark the NCDEA against program objectives, to determine its contribution to industry education and training and identify where there was scope to refine the approach to maximise the benefits to the dairy industry.  The National Centre for Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA) is the Australian dairy industry’s provider of education and training.  The Centre includes a partnership alliance of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) across Australia, supported by Dairy Australia and delivering training and skills recognition for pre-farm gate dairy workers and the manufacturing sector.  Education and training delivered by the NCDEA aims to respond to industry and student learning needs to bring dairy education and training under one umbrella.

Mid Term Review of the Industry Development Network for the Nursery Industry

This mid-term review is being undertaken for the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) and Horticulture Australia Ltd to assess how well the current arrangements, structures and activities are meeting the needs of the Nursery Industry in the different states.  Industry Development Offices are appointed by state bodies to assist the process of nursery accreditation and extension of research and development outcomes relevant to the nurseries.

Three Year Evaluation of Condamine Alliance

This project focused on capturing the impact of the major programs of Condamine Alliance – an NRM Body based in Toowoomba and covering the Condamine Catchment – over the last three years.  It involved workshops with project teams, secondary data analysis, GIS mapping of project work and recorded impacts and interviews with stakeholders. The evaluation was undertaken with Dr Gus Hamilton of Gus Hamilton Consulting.

Review of Regionalisation process – CSQTC

This review sought feedback from staff and stakeholders on the further regionalisation of activities and management within a training organisation for Registrars working towards their GP registration.  It used workshop feedback, web and telephone interviews.