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Enhanced Extension Coordination in the Great Barrier Reef Project

The Enhanced extension coordination in GBR project aims to help address the Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce recommendation that the Queensland Government invest in more targeted and coordinated extension to support large scale land management practice change that will result in improved water quality outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). The project also contributes to the Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan around coordinating and prioritising investment and on-ground delivery. Coutts J&R assisted in finalising a Monitoring and Evaluation Logframe to guide the implementation and evaluation of the coordination project, undertook a cross-reef region coordination benchmark (surveys and secondary data) – to be repeated after 3 years) – and by providing a YourData Platform to capture M&E data.

Reef Water Quality Program

Coutts J&R developed the overarching M&E Framework for the Reef water Quality projects being undertaken for the Queensland Government by DAF. This has included assisting with finalising the individual project log frames, Key Evaluation Questions and Monitoring Action Plans and developing and providing a YourData data collection platform to collect data for collation and reporting across the projects.

DAF Beef & Sheep

This project uses the Coutts J&R YourData M&E platform to capture higher level project reporting across projects falling within the Queensland Government’s DAF Beef & Sheep program. It allows for consistent metrics and reporting to monitor and report on projects against Strategic Objectives.

Leading Sheep V

DAF has successfully secured external funding from Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) to conduct follow-on extension activities under phase 4 of the Leading Sheep program – project ‘Leading Sheep 2018-21’. Coutts J&R have been contracted to: review and update evaluation templates with input from Leading Sheep team; develop the Leading Sheep evaluation plan 2018-2021 with input from Leading Sheep team; and provide advice on how to best meet contracted project targets.

Trabajando con Productores de la Agricultura Familiar Campesina (Working with Smallholder farmers) in Chile

This a three year Project with the Consorico Lechero designed to strengthen extension and advisory skills in consultants contracted by Government to work with smallholders in Chile. The project includes an annual workshop with follow up support via an on-line site and webinars.

M&E of the Drought & Climate Adaptation Program (DCAP)

Coutts J&R provides the M&E Support – including the use of its YourData M&E platform – for the DCAP program. The Drought and Climate Adaptation Program (DCAP) is an initiative to improve drought preparedness and resilience for Queensland producers. The program aims to do this by delivering a range of research, development and extension projects, improve seasonal forecasting and provide tools and systems that will support producers in their decision-making. DCAP consists of a number of projects that are managed and funded through a series of partnerships with government and industry partners. The largest partnership is the establishment of the Queensland Drought Mitigation Centre (QDMC) with the University of Southern Queensland and the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation.

CRDC Smarter Irrigation 2 YourDATA M&E Database

Coutts J&R were approached by the CRDC Smarter Irrigation 2 project to develop an online database to assist the capture and collation of key M&E data. A beta version of the database has been developed which allows project staff to consistently and centrally collect data and includes a custom-built event calendar to assist planning across sub-projects. Coutts J&R will continue to provide technical support and assistance over the life and project.

DAF Reef Extension Training Development YourDATA Database

The manager of DAF Reef Extension Training Development program required a database to administrate and track student enrolments. Coutts J&R designed, developed, and launched the database in 2019 and continue to maintain, update and provide technical support.

DAF Beef Extension (YourDATA)

This ongoing project uses a custom YourDATA M&E database to collect, collate and report on key monitoring and evaluation data for the DAF Beef Extension team. Over the years the database has been extensively modified and updated to reflect the project’s changing needs and data capture requirements. It continues to be a key tool used by the Beef Extension team to effectively capture and report on the project’s activities and impacts.


CRDC’s More Profit from Nitrogen program uses a custom YourDATA M&E database to capture key monitoring and evaluation data across multiple projects. The type of data being collected included Extension Activities, Media & Communication outputs, Project Material, and Collaborative activities. A number of tweaks and updates have been made to improve the database and streamline data entry and exporting.