Evaluation of 8×5 Wool Profit Program 2007

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The 8×5 Wool Profit Program was an extension program to assist Tasmanian wool producers to achieve an 8% annual return on assets managed within 5 years through access to benchmarking, best practice information, group improvement initiatives and a State-wide wool profit awards program.

Coutts J&R’s evaluation of the 8×5 WPP was a mid term review of Phase 2 of the Tasmanian project. Phase 1 focused on raising awareness understanding and skills to facilitate practice change in the Tasmanian sheep and wool industry through workshops, field days and information dissemination.

Phase 2 maintained many of the processes of Phase 1 but added the establishment of small groups with producer clients and importantly used the Continuous Improvement and Innovation (CI&I) model to take producers through a process of needs identification, planning and action and review.